Sex, Humans, Robots

C4's latest documentary reveals an unnerving view into the future of humans.

Technology has always had an uncanny ability to change social structures by stealth.

Sex robots will be no exception.


Gen Z currently spends 4 hours, online, everyday. That's a whopping 60 days a YEAR.

In the last 5 years, TV consumption by under 18's has fell by more than 66% and over 2/3 of  Gen Z would prefer to interact via online than face to face or via phone.

Just these two stats should give you enough confidence that sex robots, or the more plain term of 'human companion' will change our social structures forever. 39% of Millennial's in the US for example have or have had a Tinder profile - satisfying this urge of instant gratification - and sex is no different.

But it isn't just the younger generations, in C4's documentary, George a 58-year-old is confidently telling us he has sex with his dolls 3-4 times a week. George is not alone, in a recent attitude towards sex, 47% of the UK respondents said that they would consider having sex with a toy.

But the bigger question is not whether this helps George satisfy his urge, but ultimately the long-term affects it has on society as a whole and how it changes our social structure.

"Loneliness is a huge issue for the elderly, and sexual desire doesn’t just go out like the gas pilot light when you reach 70. I am still interested in sex, just as I was when I was 30, 40 and 50. There has been a rise in the divorce rate, leaving more middle aged (and older) people living alone, of which 2.21 million are over 70. These silver splitters might have got rid of the boring partner once the kids completed their education, but the prospect of sex-free decades in your seventies and eighties is really grim."

Sexbots, could provide a helpful solution, or just another blip on the sexual history of mankind, but more worryingly they could even change how we see relationships with other human beings.

One is thing for sure. The Sex Robots are coming, quite literally.