PyeongChang Shows off Robotic Skills

As the human race shows off it's supreme ability at the Winter Olympics, quietly, South Korea is also using PyeongChang to show off it's robotic ability too.

In a tournament aptly called “Edge of Robot: Ski Robot Challenge,” eight robotics teams from research universities, institutes, and a private company competed for a $10,000 prize to see which robot could ski down the slopes and race to the finish line the fastest while avoiding obstacles.


The tournament took place at an 80-meter alpine skiing course at Welli Hilli Ski Resort, an hour away from the games in Pyeongchang. With record-low temperatures affecting robot functionality, many of the robots tumbled down through much of the course. Normally, this would have been devastating to watch with real athletes who have trained years for their big moments, but with robots donning child-sized outfits and skis, it was hilarious and endearing.


But South Korea has also shown off more than it's skiing ability...from robotic fish, to drink serving waiters or even Martha pushing around the vacuum. One thing is for sure, South Korea is firmly positioning itself as the robotic capital of the World.



The Olympics even kicked off with robotic droid flame bearers , could this  be the first Olympics heralded as the Robotic first.