90 Days from scope to launch.

Rocket Project - GK e-commerce platform: 90 Days from scope to launch.

Sending a ROCKET through Innovation...

Imagine a call out of the blue from your e-commerce provider, telling you that they are shutting up shop and you have 4 months to work on an alternative.cket .

Well in May 2017 that's exactly what happened with Greene King's previous provider, iTrade, with an ultimate close down date of 31st August 2017. It sent shockwaves throughout the business.

The Future Factory's ROCKET process takes what normally takes years  - into one quarter. From idea, through to roll-out, ROCKET has key 'gates' at each stage to ensure board involvement - but in principle enables projects to progress quickly & efficiently.

Taking the decision early on to separate the project from the usual steering committee structure and having one 'Core Exec Sponsor'  was key. This enabled quick decision making but ensured the link into the boards remained so that they felt involved and the 'gates' provided key structure to the progression of the project.

The final vendor choice was Netalouge (http://www.netalogue.com). A true digital partner who was instrumental in keeping pace with the ROCKET project. Netalogue was chosen as our e-commerce partner due to their experience in the industry coupled with their flexibility in delivering to our tight timescales. The working partnership has been a positive example how of Netalogue engage with suppliers from the onset to share  long term strategic goals & ensure there is a viable digital roadmap.

On the 28th August 2017, Greene King proudly launched it's new e-commerce platform and demonstrated the key to a solid digital partner but also the need for a fresh approach to innovation.