Flytrex Icelandic Drone Trial

Commecial delivery by drone - One step closer with Flytrex Icelandic Trial.

Flytrex's drones were approved by the Icelandic Transport Authority to pick up orders from restaurants and stores on one side of Reykjavik and fly them to a designated drop-off point in the suburb of Grafarvogur.

Currently taking packages of 3kg and making 20-30 deliveries per day for the retailer.

Flytrex CEO and co-founder Yariv Bash says Reykjavik is a good place to test the efficiency of drone deliveries because parts of the city are separated by a bay. Drivers often need to navigate around the shoreline, but drones can just fly over the water. Deliveries that would usually take 25 minutes by car in Reykjavik can be completed by a Flytrex drone in only four minutes, the company claims. Not only are deliveries faster, but they can also more cost-efficient. Bash says AHA has already seen a 60 percent in cost per delivery by using drones.

Testing in Iceland doesn't necessarily have the complexity of large scale urban environments but Yariv Bash thinks that regulatory approval is just around the corner and after it's recent round of funding of $3m so does their investors.

“In high-rise environments like Manhattan, the most likely scenario is to have drones deliver packages at the entrance to buildings or on rooftops, which our system is already capable of doing technologically speaking,” he says. “We believe that regulators approving city-wide drone delivery in high-rise urban environments is just around the corner.”